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Genesis by CJ SheltonART in the Round …

As a visual artist CJ Shelton celebrates the beauty of art and life “in the round”. Here work is inspired by the circles and cycles found in Nature as well as the many different cultural and spiritual traditions where the circle is a core foundational symbol.

Using what is known as a “mandala” (Sanskrit for “sacred circle) as a lens to view and explore both our inner and outer worlds – the mystical realm of our imagination and the natural wisdom of the Earth – CJ Shelton’s work explores an extensive variety of themes. The singular consistency throughout is the mandala shape through which she brings ideas into focus and “illuminates” her subject matter.

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LIFE in the Round …

As an Arts Educator and Healing Arts Practitioner CJ Shelton offers services that use artistic process and circular symbolism as tools for self-discovery, relaxation and healing. Through “illuminating the creative spirit” she assists others on their creative and spiritual journeys.

To learn more about the learning experiences CJ Shelton offers click on the links below:

Drawing Fundamentals, Watercolour and Acrylic Painting Classes
Mandala and Expressive Arts Workshops
Spiritual Mentoring and Shamanic Consultations

Colours of Woman by CJ SheltonCOMMUNITY in the Round …

As a Shamanic Practitioner and Wisdom Keeper it has been CJ Shelton’s experience that “casting light” for others is often the inspiration and catalyst needed to spark them stepping into their own potential.

In that spirit she hosts events and gatherings based on the principles of equality, interconnectedness and mutual respect that nurture communities of like-minded souls.

“The Mystic’s Circle Learning & Sharing Gathering
The Way of the Wheel Spiritual Mentorship Program

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