Perchance to Dream

Size: 24″ x 24″
Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas
Price: Please inquire
Status: Prints available

The sky gods of ancient worlds were often perceived as cold and hostile to mankind, hurling down hurricanes and whirlwinds upon the earth with threats of worse to come. But they also provided the gift of life-giving rain in their breath. The concept of heaven arose from this idea that the means of creating or destroying life came primarily from above. Whatever it sent, ‘heaven’ wielded power of an active nature. Only creatures such as birds and butterflies appeared to be able to safely ride the air currents as emissaries between the realms below and the realms above.

All the elements are necessary for life, but we definitely could not live without the inspiration and expiration of air – breathing! We breathe in vast quantities or air each day as oxygen travels throughout our bodies and nourishes them. We then exhale gases which we do not need. Air moves. We breathe in and out. Breezes and winds blow. Things are moved as a result of air (wind) and changes occur. Change is the nature of the element of air. The winds of change blow through us, through the world – bringing fresh air, fresh ideas, bringing the unexpected, changing the atmosphere, freeing things up. We cannot see the wind but we can certainly feel it. Likewise, though we can feel thoughts and ideas in the form of emotion and intuition, we cannot see them as they move through our minds. Clear air symbolizes clarity of thought but we all recognize unbalanced air as an out-of-control and confusing whirlwind.

This painting for the element of Wind is called “Perchance to Dream”, part of a quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. I created an ethereal, cool and ‘floaty’ effect to help visualize the invisible air currents and energies that dart, float and zoom about in this most intangible of the physical elements. Both the alchemical symbol for Air and the sacred geometry form known as an octahedron lie at the centre of this piece providing a portal into the mystical realm of our mind and our Third Eye. There you may just encounter more of the fairies, sprites and other air-borne creatures that reside in Wind’s magical currents …

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