Playing with Fire

Size: 24″ x 24″
Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas
Price: Please inquire
Status: Prints available

After the initial creation event or ‘Big Bang’ there was only heat, darkness and chaos but at some point this dark primordial ‘soup’ exploded into a trillion points of light as the first stars lit up. Before this, all light and energy emanated from one source, the Big Bang. But when hydrogen and helium, the first chemical elements, were acted upon by gravity they began to coalesce, spin and compress from the high heat and pressure. This eventually led to nuclear fusion, and so Fire began …

The Element of Fire is considered by many Eastern philosophies to be the highest and most enlightened of the elements because it was the first emanation out of the Eternal Void, therefore it is the purest or closest to the Creator itself. Today we are more familiar with fire (usually in the form of electricity) as a source of heat and light in our lives. Whether we cook with it, warm ourselves with it or read by it, we could not survive without fire.

In the subtle realms fire is even more vital as it is our very life force – fire warms the blood, fuels our physical passions, inflames our emotions, ignites our mind and drives ambition. An intangible substance, fire requires something to consume or hang onto and, when out of control, it can burn through everything it comes in contact with. We all recognize ‘our fire’ being out of balance when we experience either raging emotions, voracious appetites or the opposite, fatigue and apathy.

My painting for the element of Fire is called “Playing with Fire” and was the first study of the ‘big four’ in my elemental series. A circle of bright sparks encloses a part of the Void out of which Fire first originated. Rising from this well of darkness is a red-hot upward pointing triangle, the alchemical symbol for this element. There are many layers of symbolism and secrets to be revealed in this piece if you are willing to let yourself to fall into the ring of fire … but beware, at some point you may just meet up with one of the primary elemental beings, the first-born dragon!

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