Rolling in the Deep

Size: 24″ x 24″
Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas
Price: Please inquire
Status: Prints available

All cultures recognize water as a necessary source of life and survival but in ancient times powerful uncontrollable masses of water such as the ocean were viewed as representing chaos, particularly the chaos and destruction that precedes creation or the birthing process. We are all born of the waters of a mother’s womb and so the act of birth is the act of creation itself. In many creation myths, entire worlds are typically born of the waters. So whichever way we view it, Water heralds the beginning of life …

Water is vital, we use it every day – we drink it, bathe in it and wash our clothes in it. Our bodies are about 80-90 % water so physically we are mostly made of water. Water can be still and quiet but it is also its nature to move when acted upon by an outside force of some kind. Water is reflective and receptive but has the ability to change and adapt, to open and accept things into itself – to ripple, then calm itself. Water is therefore directly related to the realm of our emotions. Emotions flow through us constantly and if they do not flow properly they, like water, are likely to back up, stagnate, and cause illness. To feel is to be alive and life is about movement and flow. But to learn the secrets of water you must go down into its depths and be submerged.

This painting for the element of Water is called “Rolling in the Deep” and was started while my Fire painting was still in progress. Applying the ‘cooling’ effect of water with its calming blue/green colours helped tame the first painting’s fiery passion while at the same time coaxed out the more playful side of both these elements. This is an example of how two elements can work together cooperatively to find a complementary balance.

The painting conveys a sense of rising from the turbulent dark depths of the ocean towards the ethereal turquoise colour we associate with water warmed by the sun. When immersed in water it is best to surrender and go with the flow because when we do, our emotions calm and we feel supported rather than besieged. In this place of gently swirling fluidity we feel at home, safe, as we once did in our mother’s womb of which the downward pointing triangle is a universal symbol. When we are ‘at home’ we are then free to explore and perhaps encounter the Water Beings …

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