Stars of the Earth

Size: 24″ x 24″
Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas
Price: Please inquire
Status: Prints available

In the still dark night there is no sun, no fire. In the vacuum of a sealed cavern there is no air. In times of drought there is no water. But within each of these circumstances, the earth itself remains. Earth is the solid base on which the other three elements function. It is the manifestation through form, structure, weight and density of various combinations of the other three elements.

Earth is mountains, valleys, caves, beaches, farmland, meadows and forests. It is the wood we burn or build with. Earth is the food we eat, the teas we drink, the medicines we take, the clothes we wear. Earth is the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, the human kingdom, but most of all – and earthiest of all – the mineral kingdom.

Earth is represented by our bones, the most dense, solid part of us. Like stone structures erected by ancient cultures, our bones will survive us. But though they give firmness to our form, our bones also contain blood cells and marrow … so they are not as solid as they seem. The biggest secret about the Earth element is that its solidity and fixedness is relative; it appears to be dense and stable, but this is only in comparison to the other three elements. The ability of our physical bodies to grow and heal from injury is proof of Earth’s capability for change and flexibility. Yes, Earth is solid, fixed and often crystallized, but too much rigidity is when this element is out of balance. Eventually there will be a breaking apart in some way so that energy can continue to flow. Change, healing and growth may be slow in the Earth element but it does – and must – occur in order for the cycle of life, death and rebirth to continue.

This painting, “The Stars of the Earth”, acknowledges how everything on earth contains the remnants of a billion stars that preceded the birth of our own planet. The tree is skeletal, reminding us that all forms require a structure in which to manifest their own unique individual spark of the Divine. The square or cube shape is associated symbolically with the Earth element and represents solidity, yet it is red, filled with the pulse of the life-force. The ‘bones’ of this tree are dense, but also supple and able to bend with the currents of change. Its strong roots sink deep into the hard substance of Earth itself. Anchored among layers of bedrock built up over billions of years there is a glimmer of light in this dark place as the crystal stars of the earth shine brightly …

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