Genesis – The Wheel of All

Size: 36″ x 36″
Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas
Status: Original artwork currently not for sale, Gigclee prints available soon

The Creator’s Geometry – How the World Began

Out of the primordial chaos Creator conceived the idea of a universe – the word ‘uni’ meaning ‘oneness’. Creator breathed in … then exhaled into the darkness of the eternal void. When the Creator’s breath had extended in every direction to its farthest reaches, the universe’s limits were defined by this first great cosmic ‘sphere’.

Creator envisioned the universe as being ‘whole’, made up of whole entities and wholly perfect. This perfect creation therefore took the form most befitting its nature: a sphere. The circular sphere is a geometric shape which is entirely whole and complete in and of itself; it is a shape that contains every other geometric shape within it. It is the figure most similar to the Creator itself.

Seeing that the universe was still in a restless state of motion Creator next decided to bring it into order. To begin harnessing the power of the chaotic elemental forces of Wind, Water, earth and Fire, the universe was bisected diagonally with two central axes. A square was now able to be defined within the cosmic circle. This act established the first two ordered ratios of sacred geometry: the ratio between a circle’s diameter and its circumference and the ratio of the side of a square in relation to its diagonal.

Creator then drew a circle within the square. The area of this circle was exactly half that of the original cosmic circle, dividing the universe into two equal halves – upper and lower or light and darkness. So began all the apparent dualities in nature.

The circumference of the inner circle would become the Firmament separating the ‘waters above’ from the ‘waters below’. Within the Firmament, Creator constructed two overlapping triangles to form a hexagon. This was the joining together and interpenetration of the dualities of light and dark, positive and negative, and male and female energies. Creator then drew a third circle through the six corners of the hexagon. It was this central circle that was to ultimately become the physical earthly world as we know it. The circle around it would become the heavens and the larger outer circle would contain the Zodiac, the realm of the gods.

The completed sacred geometry ‘diagram’ – the Creator’s geometry – depicts the created universe, perfectly structured yet still devoid of animals and human intelligence. Life was to begin at the next stage in creation. In the biblical Genesis story God says, ‘let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear’. This was the first beginnings of our manifest earth, created out of the primordial chaos by a spark of the Divine, the All, the Infinite, a cosmic storm bringing order and balance to the elemental powers of Fire, Water, Wind and Earth.

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