Garden Prayer Stick Workshop

Welcome the Summer Solstice by Making your Own Beautiful Garden Art!

DATE: Saturday June 17, 2017
LOCATION: Whisper Lane Wellness Studio (in East Garafraxa, about 15 minutes northwest of The Alton Mill Arts Centre)
TIME: 10 am – 2 pm
COST: $135 per person (includes all materials)

Making prayer sticks at the Summer Solstice is a tradition of many indigenous peoples. The Navajo refer to them as “ke-tan” or “place where it is feathered” because feathers attached to the sticks petition bird spirits to carry their prayers to Creator. Each stick also serves as an offering and provides protection for the place where it is ‘planted’.

In this workshop you will honour this sacred tradition by first painting your very own 4-6 foot stick (gathered from a local forest) with acrylic paints, then decorating it with various beads, tokens and charms, feathers, ribbon, yarn, or cloth.

As we work alongside an outdoor fire pit (weather permitting) you will be able to make offerings of various sacred plant medicines and herbs while infusing your stick with your own prayers and wishes. All prayer sticks will be smudged and blessed in a short ceremony upon completion. Your prayer stick can then be taken home and ‘planted’ in your garden.

This is a beautiful way to not only decorate your garden but to make special intentions that work with the height of Nature’s bountiful summer energies. An enjoyable outdoor activity, this is a very special treat for Father’s Day or to welcome the Summer Solstice and Aboriginal Day on June 21.

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