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“Under the Dancing Moon” is a monthly (or thereabouts) e-newsletter offering of artistic musings and ideas for creative living plus updates on workshops, shows and other things going on at CJ Shelton’s studio at The Alton Mill Arts Centre. Scroll down and you will be able to click on the links to read back issues from the last several years.

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Each newsletter includes “The Story Behind the Piece” where you can learn the symbolism and artistic process involved in the creation of one of CJ Shelton’s mandala designs. Monthly feature articles will focus on a particular theme and ideas that you can apply to your own life such as seasonal reflections, Nature, sacred geometry, eco-psychology, mythology, legends or traditions from various earth-based cultures … every month is unique because there is just so much to discover in our amazing ‘mandalic’ world!

BACK ISSUES  – Click on the titles below to catch up on back issues of “Under the Dancing Moon”


January 2018 – Stepping Through Winter’s Doorway – Signs of Changing Times


January 2017 – Traveling To Wisdom – A Sun-Wise Journey Begins
March 2017 – The Lay of Our Land – Finding Balance in Times of Chaos
May 2017 – Courting the Muse – Georgia on My Mind
July 2017 – A Canticle for the Creatures – Small Miracles and Other Graces
September 2017 – High Tea and Honey – Finding LIfe’s Sweet Spots
October 2017 – The Liminal Landscape – Journeying Between Worlds


January 2016 – In the Cave of the Heart, Illuminating our Spiritual Winter
March 2016 – Of Lions, Lambs and Brave Birds
May 2016 – A Changing Landscape, The Myth and Magic of Spring
June 2016 – A Drive Worth Taking – Returning to Source
July 2016 – Wild At Heart – Real Life, Real Magic
October 2016 – The River of Life – Remembrance and Expectations
November 2016 – The Rabbit in the Moon – A Wisdom We Cannot See


January 2015 – What Lights Us From Within
February 2015 – Seed Dreams and Quickenings
April 2015 – Audacious Hope – The Creative Urge to Grow
May 2015 – A Changing Nature – Renewals, Births and Transformations
June 2015 – Of Cardinals and Kestrels – A Place to Live From
July 2015 – All Creatures Great and Small – On a Wing and a Prayer
August 2015 – Deep Blue Waters – Life Running its Courses
September/October 2015 – As the Round Earth Rolls, Journeys of Harvest
December 2015 – Unto Us, Winter Solstice 2015


January 2014 – Exploring the Lunar Depths
February 2014 – Circling Around – Are We There Yet?
March 2014 – Nature’s Balancing Act – The Reasons for the Seasons
April/May 2014 – Patience, Perseverance and Presence
June 2014 – Art in the Garden – Sharing Nature’s Canvas
July 2014 – Painting Up a Storm – The Art of Co-Creation
August 2014 – It’s Elementary! The Origin of the Four Elements
September/October 2014 – The Journey is a Dance
November 2014 – Embracing the Dark – As the Earth Sinks into a Deep Rest

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