Sacred Geometry Mandalas

THE ART OF CJ SHELTON – Sacred Geometry Mandalas

CJ Shelton - Flow MandalaSacred geometry is best described as the science of geometrical patterns and their relationships, but it is a complex system of underlying symbols and structures involving space, time, form and spirit. In this particular worldview the basic patterns of all existence – nature and the cosmos – are perceived as sacred. Through the study of sacred geometry insights may be gained into the “Great Design” – the laws and lore of the Universe.

These beautiful sacred geometry mandala designs were created by CJ Shelton and can be purchased through her studio at the Alton Mill Arts centre. Like kaleidescope patterns, each one is unique and completely different. Many are based on the Flower of Life Pattern which is the most profound of all sacred geomtry patterns as it acts like a matrix and blueprint for all of created matter. Look for upcoming workshops on sacred geometry where you can learn how to create your own stunning patterns.



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