Circle Gatherings

Moon Journey“THE MYSTIC’S CIRCLE” Learning & Sharing Gathering with CJ Shelton

A Monthly Wisdom Circle held every third Thursday evening of the month

Illuminate your spiritual life … Like-minded hearts and minds come together in this illuminating monthly gathering of friends ‘on the journey’ who share a common interest in all things of a mystical and spiritual nature.

A learning circle provides a gathering place for interactive discussion and discovery. Join facilitator CJ Shelton to explore all sorts of interesting topics such as alchemy, the stages of the soul, reincarnation, the Ascension process, the Hero’s Journey, Nature-based wisdom, and more.

These circle gatherings provide an opportunity to quench your thirst for soul-based knowledge and wisdom with other like-minded people. In a safe and supportive atmosphere we exchange our stories, thoughts and ideas … because you never know when something one person has to say is exactly what someone else needs to hear. Each of us has a unique light that can illuminate the way forward for others when we share our perspective and experiences. Whenever two or more come together and sit in circle, we meet in unity, balance, inter-connectedness and equality. All can benefit from what is shared within the circle’s sacred container.

Each month’s learning circle will focus on a different topic, spiritual concept or tidbit of ancient wisdom and may include a learning component, guided meditation or seasonal activity with lots of time for sharing and companionship. Open to women and men.

WHEN: Every third Thursday evening of the month

LOCATION: The Alton Mill Arts Centre, Alton

COST: $30 per person

THE CIRCLE IS SACRED SPACE … and is by invitation only. You must be on the Circle’s email notification list in order to attend these events.

Please contact CJ Shelton for more information and to see if the Circle is right for you. Email