From her studio at the historic Alton Mill in the Hills of Headwaters, artist CJ Shelton creates  striking and evocative images known as mandalas and other forms of intuitive art. Whether simple or complex, each of CJ Shelton’s images is symbolic, metaphorical and imaginative, inviting the viewer to step into another world or sink into a calm and reflective state which is the underlying purpose of this ancient art form.CJ Shelton - Solstice at Stonehenge

“Solstice” by CJ Shelton
Created in celebration of the winter solstice held at the iconic ancient monument of
Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England on December every year


Mandala is the ancient Sanskrit word for “circle” or “magic circle”. Most commonly, a mandala is a circular drawing made in a ritual way to contain the mandala-maker’s thoughts, reflections, dreams, personal symbols and psychological state of mind at that moment in time… which means mandalas are like windows into the inner workings of the soul.


The circle is a universal human symbol and often referred to as the “Circle of Life”. The use of sacred circles can be found throughout all cultures and spiritual traditions. The circle is a shape without beginning or end, therefore it represents wholeness, unity, the centre, the Self, totality, eternity, infinity and timelessness – the entirety of both the inner and outer world.

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CJ Shelton’s primary inspiration is Nature and the “Circle of Life”. The simple shape of a circle can be used in a multitude of ways as a container for ideas, stories and the re-imaginings of ancient wisdom and archetypal symbolism

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Genesis - The Wheel of AllELEMENTAL SERIES

The raw natural forces of Fire, Water, Wind and Earth are explored visually in the newest series of paintings by CJ Shelton. Created with mixed media on canvas these pieces are texturally rich and layered with symbolism from the ancient tradtions of alchemy, sacred geometry and Nature herself. But be forewarned … there are many elemental beings within these images waiting to be discovered. The more you look the more you will see!


This very special collection of spiritualized horse images graphically visualizes certain ‘qualities of being’ beautifully embodied by the equine soul. Using only the horse’s pose and expression, dramatic “rim” lighting and a minimalist approach, these paintings explore the essence of such elusive and archetypal characteristics as grace, courage, faith, hope and more.

CJ Shelton - Moon BunniesANIMAL MANDALAS

The world of Spirit animals and totemic symbolism is celebrated by CJ Shelton’s in her series of enchanting and whimsical animal mandalas. Animals are an important part of any earth-based culture so these pieces often have a First Nations or Celtic flavour to them. Be sure to look carefully, you never know what you might find hiding in plain sight …

CJ Shelton - Celtic Festival of YuleCELTIC WHEEL OF THE YEAR MANDALAS

These highly intricate mandalas are being created by CJ Shelton as a series to celebrate the Eight Seasonal Festivals of the Celtic Wheel of the Year. Prints are currently available of the first three pieces for the festivals of Samhain, Yule and Imbolc. The remaining five festivals are currently in progress so stay tuned!


All mandalas are a form of what is known as ‘sacred geometry’, the study of the patterns and underlying mathematical proportions that are the building blocks of all created matter in the universe. And it all begins with the simple circle! These beautiful mandalas by CJ Shelton are geometric radial designs (like  kalideiscope patterns) and project beautiful centred and focused energies.


CJ Shelton - The Moon TreeThe Tree of Life is the ever-growing and renewing imagination … trees are one of the most archetypal symbols that seem to resonate on a very deep level with all humans and their importance in celebrated by all cultures in some form or another. CJ Shelton’s signature piece is “The Moon Tree”, an iconic design rich with symbolism. In this gallery you can enjoy more of her images of the “Standing Ones”.


This gallery features assorted mandalas and designs created by CJ Shelton that celebrate the human form, often in the shape of different aspects of the Great Goddess or interpretations of various mythological stories. Some of these pieces are whimsical studies in honour of specific guardians of Nature – fairies, devas and elementals. More images to come as they present themselves!

CJ Shelton - The Green Man SpeaksMIXED MEDIA ART PIECES

While the majority of CJ Shelton’s mandalas are done primarily with dry media she is currently experimenting with a variety of mixed media in unusual combinations that create intriguing abstract pieces with textural and dimensional qualities.


explore Dancing Moon Designs and learn more about mandala making and intuitive art. CJ Shelton offers regular monthly workshops in her studio in mandala making, sacred geometry and other interesting subjects at the Alton Mill Arts Centre as well as in the community so be sure to check under the Upcoming Workshops.


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