The Grace Collection

THE ART OF CJ SHELTON – The Grace Collection

This collection of images graphically visualizes certain ‘qualities of being’ as beautifully embodied by the equine spirit. Using only the horse’s pose and expression, dramatic “rim” lighting and a minimalist approach, artist CJ Shelton explores the essence of such elusive and archetypal characteristics as grace, courage, hope, faith and more.

The very first images in this collection were inspired by the amazing stories of three champion racehorses: Secretariat, American Pharoah and Danzig Moon who all demonstrated qualities of what it takes to be a true hero. Each of these horses was literally touched by grace. It is to their spirits that CJ Shelton dedicates this series because “you’ll never know how far you can go unless you run …” (quote from the movie Secretariat)

This series continues to be added to as CJ Shelton’s ongoing love affair with horses continues. She has returned to these splendid creatures again and again in her art throughout her career as symbolizing the ultimate in spirit, freedom and beauty.


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