The Tree of Life

Exploring The Shaman’s Cosmology

This workshop can also be booked for small groups of 2 or more people. Contact CJ Shelton to discuss options.

Imagine a vertical axis running through the centre of your being, from your deepest roots up to your highest aspirations. This is your inner “Tree” which anchors and centres you. Now imagine this Tree surrounded by concentric rings of family, friends and nature. This is the Hoop of Relationship.

Throughout time, shamans or “medicine people” from all cultures have used the cosmology of the World Tree to navigate different realms of existence. In this workshop you will experience a guided shamanic journey to your personal World Tree and then express visually in a mandala how it manifests in your own life.

As a symbol of the Self, the Tree is a powerful archetype for revealing a whole new understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. Teachings from Native American, Celtic and other spiritual traditions, as well as various myths and legends will be incorporated throughout the workshop.We are all trees… what does yours look like?

Cost : $85 per person, art supplies and tax included
10 am to 3 pm