Zen Doodle Workshops & Art Parties

CJ Shelton offers the fun yet calming activity of “zen doodling” in seasonally themed sessions that ignite your creative process with inspiration from Nature’s changing landscape.

Zen doodling is the art of drawing beautiful intricate designs by intuitively using sections of random patterns to make what are known as “zentangles” or “zen doodles”. No art experience is necessary… if you can doodle you can do it!

Green Man doodleUPCOMING DATES… enjoy these one or both of these beautifully themed sessions for expressing your summer creativity!

Sat. August 27, 2016 – “A BOUNTIFUL HARVEST”this late summer session will celebrate the rich bounty and harvest that Mother Nature offers us this time of year … ripe apples, fruit on the vine, root vegetables and seed pods.

TIME: 1-4 pm (or by request)

COST:  $40 per person/per session (includes all materials)

PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED by emailing artist@dancingmoondesigns.ca

BOOK YOUR OWN ZEN DOODLE ART PARTY! Not able to make the above dates? Gather your own group of four or more and book your own zen doodle party.  Contact CJ Shelton for details and to schedule a date.

Zen doodlesIf you have been wondering what all the craze is about with ‘zentangles’ and adult colouring books then come experience it for youself… with a difference. CJ Shelton helps you take doodling to the next level! Zen doodling is the art of drawing beautiful intricate designs by intuitively using sections of random patterns to make what are known as ‘zentangles’. When you zen doodle, you’re creating a miniature work of art, but also a mood, a focus and a state of mind.

By concentrating on drawing small blocks of patterns one at a time you ‘go with the flow’, letting your mind enter into a calming zen state. This allows you to follow through on impulsive thoughts and ideas giving you an unexpected finished result as well as an intriguing glimpse into your subconscious!

There are many therapeutic benefits to zen doodling including increased focus, more patience, creative inspiration, lowered heart rate and blood pressure plus de-stressing time and relaxation.

Discover the calming activity of zen doodling as you are first guided gently through a seasonal meditation then enjoy the tranquil ‘zen’ atmosphere of CJ Shelton’s studio while creating your mini zen masterpiece. ALL MATERIALS ARE INCLUDED to complete an approximately 8″x 8″ finished tangle design on cardstock.
PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED by emailing artist@dancingmoondesigns.ca

Booking an art experience is a commitment to yourself, the facilitator and other participants. The following policies are in place to ensure that all workshops and sessions run as scheduled and help guarantee that everyone involved has an enjoyable experience.

PAYMENT Payment is by cash, cheque made out to Dancing Moon Designs or credit card (VISA, Mastercard and AMEX accepted)

A DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED AT TIME OF BOOKING  To confirm your registration you must pay a deposit or provide a credit card number at the time of booking. The balance or full cost will be due the day of the workshop.

CANCELLATION POLICY  Last minute cancellations other than for extenuating circumstances spoils the fun for all involved … it creates challenges for the facilitator and disappointment for other registrants if a class has to be cancelled as a result.


A raincheck may be offered depending on the circumstances of the cancellation. If a workshop has to be cancelled due to inclement weather or other extenuating circumstances participants will either be notified of the re-scheduled day/time or a full refund will be provided.